Get paid to take part in research and help us improve experiences for people like you.


How it works.

Companies and organisations from across the UK value what real customers says about the things they sell and the things they say, and they’re willing to pay you for the time and effort.


How you will benefit.

Apart from getting paid, you get to make improvements to products and services that will help other people just like you. You’ll get cash or a gift voucher incentive for taking part.


Where to start.

Sign up telling us a little bit about yourself (taking a couple of minutes) and we’ll keep you informed about new research opportunities.

Find out more.

We have a few rules to help ensure you feel at ease with taking part and to maintain the quality of the research. If you're concerned about you personal information, Get in touch with us to find out more.


When you're chosen to take part in particular research project, we'll get in touch with you to explain all the details.

Still not sure?

If you're still not sure what if you should sign up, rest assured we will remove you details as soon as you want us to.