Who are we

Polysthetica is a network of designers, researchers, business thinkers and technologists that create experiences to work in the present with an eye on a possible future, a people-focused future.

Helping companies see their abstracted customers, clients, consumers or sectors as people - with needs. Our focused list of services help companies help people get things done.


Discover peoples needs as quickly as possible and understand how they value the fulfilment of these needs.


Create and manage quantitative online surveys

Expert reviews

Expert advice and best practice recommendations

Usability testing

Tests of various degrees of complexity


Study your customers in their environment

Competitor analysis

Assess where opportunities may be.

Persona development

Personas facilitate discussion between stakeholders about their users’ needs


Identify where the value can be created, how to catch up with your competitors and even leapfrog them, where you might slow down or speed up.

Business requirements

Your inside knowledge and expertise is fundamental to success

Experience maps

Understand a more complete context of use for your product or service

Stakeholder workshops

Discover ideas in an effective way


Create ideas to provide value in the middle ground between what people want and what you can achieve.

User journeys

Go on an adventure with your users

Information architecture

Structuring datd is the first step to making it useful

Wireframe design

Our wireframes, sketches and prototypes make ideas tangible

Prototying and training

Building concept quickly or perhaps you'd like to try?

Task modelling

Task modelling

Design workshops

Uncover insights that will inform the creative process





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